Benefits of Longspan Shelving

Durability, quality, and safety are essential elements of the retail industry. The retail industry deals with a large volume of equipment that needs to be handled regularly. It is, therefore, important for retailers to come up with robust solutions for optimizing their current operations. Most warehouses have been striving to adopt modern technologies.

Retailers and businesses should invest in shelving systems that can help them in increasing the efficiency of their operations. Retail traders can get these shelves from reputable dealers like Multiple Storage Solutions.  This company is known for selling storage racks and shelves for industrial and commercial use.

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Longspan shelving is a practical option for retailers who don’t have enough space or who cannot afford the pallet racking system. It is a smart storage solution for storing medium to small sized items. It is a versatile system for warehousing, retail shops, garage shelving, and other applications. These systems are a great option for retail operations: Outlined here below are the benefits of longspan shelving:

They are Strong

These structures are lightweight, durable, and very strong. They are made of 24-hour gauge steel. You can easily move and transport them around the room without compromising durability and strength. On average, each shelf can hold up to 600kg.

Easy to Maintain and Cost-Effective

The use of longspan shelves is an economical and practical option. Apart from being affordable, these systems require less maintenance compared to the other shelving options. Sanitation and cleaning have become very easy with these structures. Again, they are more resistant to wearing and breaking, thereby reducing repair costs. They are, therefore, a practical and effective solution for retailers with space and budget limitations. Retail stores use them to improve their overall efficiency.

Compatible with Different Types of Equipment


These systems are well-designed, and they can work with various types of storage units/systems such as fright lifts and vertical reciprocating conveyors. They are also compatible with wooden walkways, gratings, and perforated steel panels. You can integrate these shelves into the existing equipment making it easy for you to move or transport your goods.

They are Adjustable

These systems are easy to adjust and flexible. These are some of the useful features for retail shops having limited sizes. The modern systems are made with pins and rivets instead of nuts and bolts, allowing users to customize and modify them depending on their requirements.

The modern designs are easy to configure thereby, reducing the need of altering the default settings of a shelf. Longspan shelving systems are flexible, and they can hold different types of merchandise and products of different weights and size. Retailers can store heavy-duty and bulky items by organizing them more efficiently.


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