Why Go for Glass Bongs

Bongs have been in our midst for hundreds of years already, but when you look at them as if they are new technologies that were just introduced a few years ago. This is because of the ultra-modern look of some bongs in the market today. Bongs can be made from different materials like plastic, bamboo, metal ceramic, or glass. They can come in various designs like a carburetor, straight-tube, beaker-shaped, round-base, multi-chamber, percolator, and gravity bongs. If you want to customize your own design, it is not impossible to do as a bong is actually a simple technology to follow.

The popularity of bongs has been rising in recent years, and the legalization of cannabis in many countries seems to be one factor why bongs became popular all of a sudden. Indeed, when smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs, using a bong is probably the healthiest and most gratifying option. It is said that bongs eliminate harmful substances and are effective in filtering ashes before the smoke enters the mouth.

You can also be assured of a gratifying experience using a bong that has eliminated the possibilities of water splashes. By filtering the ashes and cooling down the smoke, you won’t get the irritation in your throat that may make you cough, which usually happens when smoking through pipes. It will just be a smooth and fulfilling session.

When buying bongs on sale online, choosing a bong made of glass can be the best option. Here are the reasons.

It Does Not Affect the Flavor

glass bongsWhen using bongs made from other materials like bamboo, metal, plastic, and ceramic, it will be hard that the taste will not be affected. Of course, you won’t want the rusty flavor of metal to interfere with your cannabis, right? With glass bongs, this will never happen. You will only be tasting the unadulterated flavor of your herbs.

It Is Easy to Check Resin Buildup

This is possible because of the transparent property of glass. When you see discolorations, it serves you notice that you should clean your bong. Resin buildup can interfere with flavor and can also be unhealthy for you.

It Is Easy to Clean

Among all other bongs, a glass bong is the easiest to clean. While you can clean a glass bong before it can get really stained with tar, it is still not difficult to clean it with detergent and alcohol, unlike other bongs where stains are sometimes impossible to remove.

Glass bongs can be more expensive than other types of bongs. But with the benefits it can accord you, it must be the best buy.


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