Guide For PC Monitors

This buying guide covers certain aspects of the best gaming monitors. The best monitor is one with good specifications and features. These are some of the main considerations one must give priority when shopping. The screen plays a fundamental role in the whole gaming experience. It would be quite disappointing to build an expensive, high-performance gaming rig just to be let down by a low-quality screen.

The more powerful the PC, the less important it is when you seek a monitor that takes advantage of your gaming hardware. You can take full advantage of the expensive hardware when viewing your games in clear, crisp detail without annoying screen lag. By lag, I am actually referring to ghosting which affects your screen and is not powerful enough. Another major factor to consider is the monitor is long lasting. It should have a useful lie that offers not less than a decade of gaming experience.

The Guide

No ghastly ghosting from the monitor response rate

dsgdfdgdfgdfgdfgYour gaming monitors’ response rate covers the screen updates and offers important specs that one can identify on their screen. The lower the rate of response the better. This actually means that your screen loads better. If you engage in fast-paced gaming, you do not need a resolution of more than 8ms. Anything less than 6ms is even better while 2ms or 1ms being the perfect selection. Those playing fast-paced action games and your monitor remits a 10ms response rate will experience lagging or ghosting. Ghosting occurs when the image displayed on your screen can be viewed as a blur and changes after a few moments.

What size is suitable for a gaming monitor?

The size chosen depends on your personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to fork out for a new screen. Massive displays are expensive particularly the ones in HD. Most gamers are content with the 23 or 24 inches which are large enough. If you want something bigger, the 27 inch can suffice too.

Resolutions of your gaming monitor

These days most people do not want to go for anything less than HD 1080p. Most market monitors offer this resolution, nevertheless it costs nothing to confirm. There are the 4K (3440 by 1440) resolutions which require greater power for your gaming PC. This means they are for a specific segment of gamers and not everyone.

The monitor refresh rate

The refresh rate of your monitor should be mistaken for response time. With a higher rate, you get to enjoy higher frame rates without graphical tearing which can arise when there is a discrepancy between the graphics card frame rate and the screen refresh rate.


fdgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgLED and LCD are similar except for the backlighting present on the LED that has several advantages such as a brighter sharper display on a thin screen display offering low power usage. LED monitors cost much more than the standard LCD and affect gaming monitors.

Value for money

When buying gaming monitors, the quality you receive depends on the amount of money you are willing to part with. Try to get a monitor with a response rate below 5ms. The screens are high end and prove to offer high-end gaming that narrows according to your budget, resolution and size preferences.